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Southeastern Connecticut Wedding Photographer jesslancephoto


Capturing Timeless Moments Across Southeastern Connecticut and Beyond

In the picturesque landscapes of Southeastern Connecticut, where love stories unfold against a backdrop of charm and beauty, jesslancephoto stands as a beacon of artistry, preserving precious moments for couples on their special day. With over a decade of experience, Jess Lance, the visionary behind, has carved a niche for herself as a wedding photographer known for her documentary style, unobtrusive approach, and the ability to capture genuine, real moments.

Southeastern Connecticut and Beyond

jesslancephoto doesn’t just cater to Southeastern Connecticut; it extends its lens to serve the entire states of Connecticut, Rhode Island,  Massachusetts and New England. This broad reach allows Jess to encapsulate diverse love stories, from coastal celebrations to rustic gatherings and everything in between.

Documentary Style: A Timeless Approach

At the heart of jesslancephoto is her distinctive documentary style. Rather than merely taking pictures, Jess weaves a narrative through her lens, telling the unique story of each couple’s journey. This approach ensures that every photograph isn’t just a visual representation but a tangible piece of the couple’s love story, frozen in time.

Unobtrusive Elegance

One of Jess Lance’s hallmarks is her unobtrusive presence. She seamlessly blends into the background, allowing the day to unfold organically while capturing authentic moments. This unobtrusiveness not only puts the couple at ease but also ensures that the emotions and interactions captured are genuine and unfiltered.

Wedding Venues: Lace Factory, Smith Farm Gardens, and Stonehurst

  1. Lace Factory Located in Deep River, Connecticut, the Lace Factory is a historic venue that exudes industrial elegance. With its exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and large windows, it provides a unique and charming backdrop for weddings. Jess’ ability to navigate this space with finesse results in photographs that showcase both the timeless romance and the industrial chic ambiance.

  1. Smith Farm Gardens Situated in East Haddam, Connecticut, Smith Farm Gardens is a lush and enchanting venue with beautifully landscaped gardens. Jess expertly captures the natural beauty of this venue, highlighting the romance that blooms amidst the vibrant flowers and greenery.
  2. Stonehurst A rustic gem surrounded by acres of beauty. Jess’ skill in capturing the rustic charm of this venue ensures that every photograph becomes a testament to the timeless love celebrated in this serene setting.

A Decade of Excellence

Celebrating over ten years in the business, jesslancephoto continues to set the standard for wedding photography in Southeastern Connecticut and beyond. To explore the magic she creates through her lens and witness the diverse love stories she has documented over the years, visit jesslancephoto is not just a service; it’s an artistic journey that transforms moments into timeless memories.

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