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Connecticut Wedding Photographer for Authentic Moments – jesslancephoto

Timeless Love for Delightful Souls in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island

In the heart of Connecticut, jesslancephoto captures authentic and timeless moments for couples across the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. jesslancephoto, the creative force behind, has photographing love stories for over a decade. With a documentary style that is unobtrusive, genuine, and relaxed, Jess caters to delightful, funny souls who may feel a tad camera-shy, delivering stunning and heartfelt images that stand the test of time.

Timeless an Authentic Photography

jesslancephoto is synonymous with timeless and authentic photography. Jess’s ability to freeze moments in time, coupled with her documentary approach, ensures that each image encapsulates the genuine emotions and unique story of the couple. Whether it’s a stolen glance, a burst of laughter, or a tender embrace, every photograph reflects the authenticity of the love shared.

Delightful and Funny Souls

For those who revel in joy, humor, and the beauty of being a little bit quirky, jesslancephoto is the perfect match. Specializing in capturing delightful and funny people, Jess effortlessly puts couples at ease, turning moments of potential awkwardness into authentic and heartwarming memories. Her lighthearted approach creates an atmosphere where love shines through naturally, making every session an enjoyable experience.

Love is Love

At the core of jesslancephoto is the belief that love is love, transcending boundaries and celebrating diversity. Jess welcomes all couples with open arms, fostering an inclusive environment where every love story is honored and beautifully documented. It’s this commitment to embracing the unique qualities of each relationship that sets Jess apart as a wedding photographer with a heart for love in all its forms.


Some of their favorite venues 

Wedding Venues: Lace Factry, Smith Farm Gardens, and Stonehurst

  1. Lace Factory (Deep River, CT) The historic Lace Factory, with its industrial charm and timeless appeal, provides a unique canvas for love stories. jesslancephoto’s ability to navigate this space results in photographs that capture both the elegance of the venue and the genuine connection between the couple.
  2. Smith Farm Gardens (East Haddam, CT) In the lush landscapes of Smith Farm Gardens, jesslancephoto skillfully captures the natural beauty surrounding couples as they celebrate amidst the vibrant gardens. The result is a series of images that reflect the romance and serenity of this enchanting venue.
  3. Stonehurst Stonehurst offers a rustic setting for couples seeking a serene backdrop. jesslancephoto’s photography at Stonehurst encapsulates the rustic charm of the venue, creating timeless images that echo the love celebrated in this tranquil location.

A Decade of Excellence

Celebrating over ten years in the business, jesslancephoto continues to redefine wedding photography, providing an experience that goes beyond capturing moments—it’s about telling stories, embracing love, and creating memories that last a lifetime. To explore the magic jesslancephoto creates through her lens, visit Love, laughter, and delightful moments await for couples across Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.