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T+C | 2016 Mohegan Sun Golf Club Wedding | Connecticut Wedding Photographer Sprague, CT

Engagement Session

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I was excited to share this special day with Tessie + Chase. I met in Tessie in elementary school and our Moms knew each other before we were even born! We loved Hanson #mmmmbop (which you’ll see a hint of in the photos!) I’ve grown close to her husband Chase’s family too. I photographed his mother Laurie’s wedding in November 2015 and I have his sister Courtney’s wedding in September 2018. I had the pleasure of photographing Tessie and Chase’s daughter in her nursery for  newborn photos and Courtney’s daughter for her first birthday! I love being able to work with families over the years, watching them grow.

Tessie and Chase held their ceremony at St. Mary’s Church in Baltic, CT (the church that Tessie attended growing up) Their ceremony was held at the Mohegan Sun Golf Club down the road.

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