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2016 MK+M | Hopeville Engagement | Connecticut Engagement Photographer







MaryKathryn and Matthew’s first date was at the University of Hartford during a snow storm.  Remaining classes were canceled for the day and Matthew asked MaryKathryn what her plans were.  After hunkering down in her dorm room and watching quite a few movies, she found out later that on his way back to his car he called his friend. He told them how happy he was. So happy in fact, he didn’t care that snow was leaking into his sneakers.

Last Thursday when that big storm came through Connecticut they were reminded of that snowy day. They love to spend snow days together and were excited to have their engagement session capture that memory. The romantic photos will always remind them of that first date and how happy Matthew was walking back to his car in the snow.  Originally they hadn’t considered a winter engagement session.  Winter scape sessions are rare and usually not the first thought for a setting.  However MaryKathryn and Matthew aren’t the type to do what everyone else does.  They’re artists, like myself, and as artist we love to be different!  One night they we were talking and reminiscing about college and the idea came to them… of course at the first sign of a big storm headed our way MaryKathryn reached out to me and we started planning. The weather and scene couldn’t have been more perfect.




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