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M+J | 2019 Connecticut Wedding Photographer Preston, CT

If you ask Molly and Joe how they met they have different answers. They both agree they started talking at an off campus NYE party in their junior year of college, just after Joe got back from a semester in Australia. Molly says that they had classes together her sophomore year and that Joe was friends with two of her close girlfriends/teammates.  They swear Joe asked about Molly when he saw she was tagged in a picture on Facebook! Long story short, they had their first kiss at midnight on NYE in 2009 but then Molly left for a semester abroad in Italy a month later. They reconnected that summer when Joe expressed interest in Molly and started texting her. At first Molly was annoyed and not interested (he didn’t remember having class together?! haha) but within 24 hours she changed her tune. They’ve talked every day since.
Molly’s laughs about hilarious part of their first date  (that Joe didn’t tell her until months later) he overdrafted on his bank account to pay for dinner…….college! The proposal was perfect. Just the two of them on their favorite beach down the Cape (credit to the Urban family for discovering this beach 20+ years ago). It was cold and windy and there was technically no beach because the tide was in so far. Joe had to get down on one knee on top of a rock. They spent the next two days down the Cape celebrating and then Joe surprised her with brunch on Sunday with both of their families.
The two planned their wedding at Molly’s father’s home in Preston. Although it’s not her childhood home, it’s a special place for her family.

Dress Shop | Vows Bridal Outlet
Makeup + Hair | Weddings by Kim Sousa
Caterer | Matthews CateringBrick and Basil Wood Fired Pizza
Music | Honeytrain
Dessert | Zest Fresh Pastry
Florist | Stop & Shop, Niantic
Officiant | Reverend Sue Latourette
Second Photographer | Margit Fish