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How To Get Married AND Save Money

There’s no way around it….getting married is expensive. As a past bride myself I understand wanting to stay on a budget while avoid serving Ramen noodles as your main course. Being a photographer has provided me with the opportunity to share numerous wedding days. Along the way I’ve noticed hundreds of little ways to save money. Here are a few big budget cutters that stuck out the most to “lose” unnecessary costs. 2016-01-05_0009
Lose the Hotel
Couples have shared their horror stories of hidden fees and complications when using a hotel for bridal party prep.  Check out renting a house or “borrowing” someone’s house the weekend of your wedding instead. It will be the perfect place to have the out-of-town guests hang out, host your rehearsal dinner, pre-wedding activities and getting ready while relaxing. Everyone together in one spot and with a little extra money in their pockets. 
Lose the Wedding Cake 
I’m at 20+ weddings a year and 80% of the time no one eats the cake. This is your day, you should eat your favorite dessert…whatever that may be. One couple had an ice cream truck and every single guest was waiting in line. Another couple had a handful of relatives bring a baked good which added a beautiful homemade feel to their reception. BUT still go crazy sampling wedding cakes at bridal expos…that’s one of the best parts!
Lose the Brand New Decor
Craft stores are so tempting during wedding planning. So many Pinterest ideas for you to have the best DIY wedding ever! However all those “little” details add up fast, instead swing by yard sales, resale pages or Good Will.  Websites like are great because you can buy second hand and then sell any wedding decor you won’t use again after your wedding! This couple had a family friend who let them borrow beautiful glass bottles for centerpieces and they were able to cut the wildflowers from their garden. 
Lose the Professional Photo Booth 
Alcohol brings out our love for crazy photos with props. However you don’t really need to pay a person to sit there and oversee the craziness. Setup a tripod with an iPad, digital camera and grab a wireless remote, or look for instant cameras. As you come across fun props (think Five Below, Dollar Tree, Target bargain bins) add to your collection. You can ask friends and family to bring along any old Halloween costumes they have laying around the house. Check out for some easy backdrop ideas. 
Lose the Delivery Fees
Months before the wedding start asking friends and family who are not involved in any ceremony activities if they can pick up the flowers, the cake, the chairs, etc. A few delivery fees here and there don’t seem too bad but before you know it thats $500 out the window.
Years from now people probably won’t remember what your table linens looked like, how many mason jars you had, what kind of paper your invitations were printed on or what kind of chair covering you selected. At the end of the day the most important part of your wedding day is…
getting married to the person you love.


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