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T+D Glastonbury Boathouse Wedding | Connecticut

Summer Glastonbury Boathouse Wedding, Connecticut Wedding Photographer Jesslancephoto

I met these two at Dan’s brother’s wedding!

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View Other Weddings Similar in Style

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majesty bridal

mens wearhouse

salon noami – tonya


riverhouse catering

kims cottage confections

ken baldayga

Music + Photobooth | CNT entertainment

candis florals

first student buses

noir films (john hill)

Second Photographer | Jennifer Denton

Venue | Glastonbury Boathouse 

“A unique waterfront venue with a central location makes the Glastonbury Boathouse the perfect place for your waterfront wedding. They offer a  build-your-own-event approach, for the freedom to create an event exactly how you envision it. The stunning riverfront view, elegant event space, and exceptional food create a truly memorable event”


dan and I bumped into each other at a gas station. had some steamy eye contact and the rest was history. we reconnected at the gym a week later and he asked me out to get coffee

dan asked me to get coffee. we arrived to dunkin donuts and the first words out of dan’s mouth are “I hate coffee”. I thought oh great this is off to a great start. I was so nervous I didn’t stop talking the entire 3 hours we were together. i left the date assuming dan would never talk to me again but the next day came and again he hung out. clearly, my nervous babbling charmed him. and ironically enough, dan’s addicted to coffee more than I am now!

it was freezing and snowing! we were on a walk that I was not dressed properly for but dan was insistent that the walk continue. eventually, we stopped and he proposed. my first words after “yes” were can we go somewhere indoors where it’s warm.

we loved the view of the water and we are suckers for a good porch. the venue was simple but beautiful and felt right. I also liked that as a park we can always go back there.